In the beginning…

Hi there,

I’m on holidays! Today marks the last seven days of holidays.

This break from work has been fantastic, I’ve been listening non-stop to The Byrds (hence the title of this post), eating plenty of Calipo icey poles and staying up past my bed time.

While I’m still on holidays I thought I’d show you a particular favourite summer dress of mine

Liberty London

Liberty London Smock Dress

It’s dreamy isn’t it!

I bought this back in October, after having lunch with some girlfriends for my birthday we all piled into Currency (Brunswick Street, Melbourne). I noticed this little sweety pie on display in the shop; it had me gagging with commercialist excitement and there was no question that it shouldn’t come home with me. Luckily (or maybe kismet), the dress was the perfect size, no alterations (or safety pins) needed!

The front bodice of the dress has been quilted, the sleeves are bell shaped with piping along the cuff, the fabric is 100% cotton and most amazing of all… It’s actually Liberty brand!

Just telling the story here is allowing me to re-live the excitement of this dress, which explains the abundance of exclamation points dear friend. Yeah, it’s love…

Anyway, I have lots more fun things for show and tell so stay tuned dear friend.

Au revoir for now xx

P.S – I’m still trying to work out how to format text etc for this blog, at the moment we’re looking a little like Dolly Parton without make-up. Apologies but stick with me as I will be employing some DIY facelift techniques soon!


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